School governors have a wide range of responsibilities. They help to raise the standards of pupil achievement and plan the school’s future direction. They support and challenge the Head teacher. Governors are also accountable for the performance of the school to parents and the wider community.

We plan for all aspects of the school development and improvement – from the building maintenance programme to setting targets for children’s achievement.

To fulfil our roles and responsibilities the governing body delegates some of the work to groups of governors. The whole governing body meets at termly intervals (and sometimes more often) to discuss what is happening at school and to plan strategically for the future. To ensure all the tasks get the time and attention they deserve, the governing body has set up a number of committees. These committees share the work to cover our responsibilities and help develop a good understanding of the School, support its work and hold it accountable.

The governing body has one sub-committee:  The Business (Finance) Sub-Committee, the Chair of which is deemed to be the Vice-Chair of the Full Board of Governors, and the Vice-Chair is the Finance Governor.

The committees meet regularly to perform the functions of the governing body.

In addition to serving on one or more committees, governors each have an individual responsibility linked to the responsibilities of the governing body. These responsibilities often require a visit during school time to help ensure this subject is being delivered and developed within the school.

The committees and link governor report to the governing body at subsequent meetings.

Please use the Governors’ Menu to find out about the governors, the committees and responsibilities.


Communicating with the Governing Body

We recognise the need for good lines of communication between the parents, pupils, staff, local community, governing body and other people who are interested in our school.

The minutes of our full governing body meetings are available for parents to read on request. Please contact the school office.

A Governors’ newsletter will hopefully be published several times during the year and it will keep you informed of the activities of the governors.

Letters can be sent to governors via the school office, or you can use the Contact Us page of this website.

Of course, you may also write to the Chair of Governors (via the school address) at any time.

Agenda, Minutes and Policy

Governor meetings are open and minutes are available by request to the school office.​

The governors review and update each school policy regularly before it is ratified by the Full Governing Body.

You can view any policy by contacting the school office.


Governors Committees

The Governing Body is organised into 1 sub-committee.

The committee meets on a regular basis and performs the majority of the work of the Governing Body, reporting back to the Governing Body at the next Full Governing Body meeting.

The Business (Finance) Committee

  • All the physical requirements necessary for Education.
  • To work in consultation with the Headteacher and school’s Finance Officer to provide guidance to the Governing Body on all financial matters, including staffing arrangements.
  • To work in consultation with the Headteacher to provide guidance to the Governing Body on priorities, including health and safety, for the maintenance and development of the school’s premises.
  • To receive reports from the Headteacher regarding her delegated power of authorising spending up to £1000.
  • To report to the Governing Body any other financial and other decisions made by them in accordance with their delegated powers.