Hedgehog Class

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Our aim is to provide a caring, happy, purposeful and challenging environment in which children can feel secure and confident. Learning takes place through a structured play and through provision of a wide range of planned learning experiences, helping children develop independence and social skills as a solid foundation’s for the lifelong learning.

Phonics is taught daily for 20 minutes in Key stage 1. The children are taught in groups linked to their reading and phonic levels, which are reviewed and amended regularly.

In the foundation stage children are introduced to single phonemes (1 letter making 1 sound), and diagraphs (2 letters making 1 sound). As they move into Year 1 they begin to learn alternative spellings for the phoneme they have already learned and alternative pronunciations. In addition, throughout the foundation stage and KS1 they learn tricky words, which are not phonetically decodable. Whilt using phonic actions we also follow the letter and sound phases.

Phase 6 is the final stage of the phonics program we use, when children can confidently read and write all of the graphemes (letter combinations) they have been taught, apply phonic knowledge to reading and writing unfamiliar words and read the first 100 high frequency words, they are then ready for phase 6 (usually in Year 2).

Here they are introduced to more complex spelling and word work, including past tense and suffixes.