Badger Class

Year 5 and 6

Welcome to Badger Class!

We are a class of hardworking and enthusiastic Year 5 and 6 children who love to learn.  We have enquiring minds and we enjoy finding out about new topics and learning new skills.  We learn through independent hard work but also lots of teamwork too.  We often try out practical applications for our learning and we are good at self-evaluating our results.

We have a thoughtful and compassionate attitude to those around us and we care about each other’s wellbeing.  We are building our independence as we head into our last years of primary school and are learning to become responsible, respectful and resilient risk-takers.

In Badger Class this year, we are lucky enough to have the support of our fabulous learning support assistants, Mrs Archer and Miss Soo. They are a great help to us all!

We begin each term with a new theme. This term our topic is Healthy Futures.

Badger Class has been enjoying our ‘Healthy Futures’ topic so far this term. We have written letters to ourselves in the future and are putting together a ‘Futures’ collage in Art; two things we can’t wait to look back on when we are older!
In Outdoor Learning, we loved choreographing dance moves for the whole school on National Fitness Day and in German we have been learning classroom instructions off by heart. We also made ‘first day of school’ cones or ‘Schultüte’, which are an important German tradition for children starting school.
We are looking forward to a term full of great learning and fun!