Squirrel Class

Year 3 and 4

Welcome to Squirrel Class!

We are a mixed class of hard working Year 3 and 4 children who are keen at exploring the world around us, gaining new knowledge and skills. We learn in a variety of ways through independent, fun, collaborative activities and investigations so that we can learn and apply our skills and knowledge across the curriculum to gain a deeper understanding and become responsible, respectful, resilient risk takers.

Throughout our learning, a growth mindset is encouraged and we work hard to provide children with the tools to achieve success in their learning not only within the National Curriculum but also personally, socially and emotionally. The children are also able to utilise the Outdoor Learning area to develop their  knowledge and skills in a practical, experience-led learning environment.

We begin each term with our WOW starter based around our theme for the term. This term our theme is Healthy Futures.

We will be learning about Ancient Egypt, looking into the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by famous archeologist, Howard Carter. This will be the basis of the children’s writing as they put themselves in Howard Carter’s shoes to create a narrative to describe the moment he found the tomb.

We are also creating Ancient Egyptian pottery, using clay. Designing our own hieroglyphics, patterns and paintings to decorate our pots. Additionally, in Art, we are going to be creating a collage of Ancient Egyptial headdresses, using the classes faces as the template and turning the children into power Egyptian Queens and Pharoahs.

In Squirrel class we are lucky to have the support of Miss Johnson and we are both looking forward to supporting the children this year.